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Patient Information

Asymptomatic dolichocolon is not considered a disease and does not require treatment. For chronic constipation, therapeutic measures restore bowel movement and improve well-being.

Treatment should be comprehensive and step-by-step. To stimulate bowel movements, try to move more. do morning exercises, walk, sign up for a swimming pool or gym. Adjust your diet and eating habits. Adjust the list depending on individual preferences and food intolerances. Laxatives - treatment begins with preparations based on dietary fiber (Psyllium, wheat bran, Mucofalk). If ineffective, osmotic agents are prescribed. Macrogol (polyethylene glycol) and Duphalac (lactulose). Irritating drugs (Bisacodyl, Senade) are used to play online casino real money payouts, as they are addictive. Antispasmodics - reduce the tone of intestinal smooth muscles, relieve painful spasms (Papaverine hydrochloride, Duspatalin, No-shpa).

If conservative treatment is ineffective or there is a significant deterioration in health, surgery is recommended. In case of intestinal obstruction, endoscopic detorsion is performed - straightening the volvulus. When nahTo ensure the effectiveness of the procedure, a laparotomy is performed, the intussusception or volvulus is removed, the knot from the loops is untangled, and the viability of the intestine is assessed. In case of necrosis, the affected area is removed. The effectiveness of conservative treatment depends on the severity of changes in the colon. The incidence of how to start an online gambling business increases with age. The younger the patient, the better the results of therapy. The probability of recurrence of constipation after surgical treatment is 10%.

Defoamers are drugs to combat flatulence, prescribed for bloating (Espumizan, Sab Simplex). Eubiotics (probiotics) are drugs for correcting the microflora of the colon, prescribed for concomitant dysbacteriosis (Linex, Helac Forte, Bifiliz). Physiotherapy methods stimulate intestinal motor activity. Dumping syndrome. definition, causes and treatment of pathology. Abdominal pain. definition, causes and treatment of pathology.

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Dolichocolon is an anomaly of intestinal development, a congenital feature of casino game structure of the body, elongation of the entire colon or its section. When making a diagnosis for adult patients, there is no connection between height, gender, age, body type and colon length. To date, there is no universal classification, but differentiation is possible using anatomical and clinical principles.